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Founded on January 2nd of 2013, Movie Mezzanine is an online publication dedicated to covering the medium of movies – from independent gems to Hollywood blockbusters. With writers stationed all around the world, from Australia to New York to Poland to Toronto, our outlet offers a uniquely versatile perspective on film and film culture. We’re dedicated to producing insightful writing on film each and every day, staying clear of Hollywood gossip and which painful romanic-comedy Katherine Heigl will star in next. We thank you for stopping by and reading Movie Mezzanine.


Movie Mezzanine is open to both partners and advertisers. If your company is interested in working with us, drop us a line at moviemezzanine@gmail.com. We offer fair rates for all shades of advertising.


If you’re an aspiring filmmaker that would like us to watch and write about your film, use the e-mail address above or go to our contact form and we’ll be happy to give it a look.


If you have an one-off article that you’d like to have read by a large audience, let us know. We’re always interested in curating fascinating and provocative editorials. moviemezzanine@gmail.com.